Just get the freaking job done!

Got tired of freelancers? Your website is slow and you contractor doesn't know nothing? Your previous hireling disappeared in the void? Got tired of that shit?

Get the right guys for the right job!

It's time to make the right choice!

If you have a vision of your next online business, you have multiple possibilities.

Maybe just a facebook group will be enough.

Or maybe an out-of-the-box builder like Wordpress or Wix with some fine tuning will completely fultify your needs.

But, in the hardest case, when you are going to make something unique, the whole new world will be open before you. A world of pain, missed deadlines, software bugs and data loss, angry customers and urgent calls at 3AM because everything suddenly felt apart.

And our highest aim is to make your travel through this world as painless as possible.

And who the hell are you?

We're the guys you were looking for!

We Are Affordable

We are located in the Eastern Europe, and we can go down in price. Developers hate to to put prices on their websites, but $30/hour for a long term project sounds reasonable

We Are Universal

Python, C#, Node.js. For god sake, even PHP. Your idea is unique. Don't let its fate be decided by what language your developer knows. We can pick the right stuff for you

We Are Experienced

We work together as a team since 2002 (oh god!) and we've done everything — web sites, Windows software, Linux software, embedded development… But web sites will always be our passion

And, Finally, We Do Care

You project isn't yet another one. Unique problems require unique solutions. Even if you decide to work with someone else, time spent discussing your project with us won't be lost

We'll help you to choose the right tools from this list of buzzwords











Do you have an idea in mind?

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